Thursday, December 30, 2010

Squat Day again and I'm tired

Gassed out spectacularly today. Sigh. Maybe I should take a day off. I don't think I'm overtraining (yet) though. I guess today's just one of those days that I don't really feel like training.

I only managed to get this done:

Front squats (20kg) x 12 reps - 1 set (warmup)
Front squats (30kg) x 8 reps - 2 sets
Front squats (35kg) x 6 reps - 1 set
Back squats (35kg) x6 reps x 1 set

I knew something was wrong when I struggle to hit 6 reps of back squats when I can do 8 reps of 40kg back squats without much issues previously. So I decided to stop training and give myself a break.

Tomorrow's another day.

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