Saturday, December 4, 2010

Of Substance over Style

The gym where I train are full of big guys with big muscles. Too bad they're weak and lift like a girl. Been training there for the past two weeks and never once, NOT ONCE have I seen them do squats or deadlifts.

Oh wait. They do squat. Using the smith machine. To make things worse, they use weights which I think is just slightly more than a quarter of their bodyweight. Heck, there was a guy who was squatting the bar of the smith machine. He'd be better off doing bodyweight squats.

And they do deadlift. Using an EZ bar. An EZ bar, ladies and gentlemen. And THANK GOD that there's no leg press machine or else we'll see these gentlemen getting oh so proud and cocky lifting 300kg worth of plates. But the doctors would be happy though, seeing that their business is getting better due to having to conduct more hernia repair surgeries.

... what is the point of you going to the gym almost daily only to build artificial strength?

...what is the point of lifting weights when your form is excrutiatingly bad that chances are, you'll gain injury rather than mass?

...what is the point of piling plate after plate for your benchpress only to have your friend help you lift it with you EVERY SINGLE TIME?

And I've hardly ever see any of those guys do push-ups let alone pull-ups and chin-ups. Like Mr. Ferruggia once wrote.. if you can't do pushups you do not have the right to benchpress.

This is just a bitching post, actually. And I'm reminded once again why I don't think I'm up to be a trainer.

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