Sunday, December 26, 2010

Midday Training

Twas a Friday. 2 hour lunch. Bored as heck. Hated being stuck in the office. What's a girl to do?

This girl went back home and trained, that's what she did. It wasn't really my first choice, to be honest. My friends already had other plans and I simply do not want to be stuck in the dreary office.

Rather than choose to wallow in my misery I chose instead to relieve at least a bit of the crankiness by training right smack in the afternoon. So went home I did. Changed into more appropriate clothing (yes, I can do overhead presses in my baju kurung but it does look ridicilous) and did some upper body workouts.

5 sets of floor presses superset with inverted rows (wanted to do barbell rows but decided against it since it's gonna take time to adjust the plates). After that I did overhead presses.

Didn't do much overhead presses though. I was struggling to lift the usual 20kg warmup set. Probably gassed out since I only had breakfast (breakfast was scrumptious nasi kerabu and then I had some bread with strawberry jam).

I did my overhead presses again later in the evening when I (finally) got home from work. This time I managed to get 5 sets done.

All in all... I have a feeling this midday training on Fridays may become somewhat of a routine in future. If that's the case then I gotta plan my breakfast properly so I don't gas out like I did the first time round.


Personal Trainer's Girlfriend said...

yea that's what i do too on friday afternoons sometimes, for the reason i don't have any other better things to do during that 2 hrs. but usually i will just workout with light weight during this time. don't want to be too tired later to go back to office :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Ahhh... if only I have access to gym facilities at the office, I think I'd be spending many a lunch hour at the gym rather than spend the time with empty talk.

And who says you'll be tired after a workout? I always feel refreshed and in a much better mood after training sessions.

Personal Trainer's Girlfriend said...

based on my experience, i do feel a little bit sleepy, so usually i will take a short nap after my workout session. and i will feel so refresh after napping. i dunno if it's just me or what, but that's how i feel :)