Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm gonna get myself a TRX!

Okay, at first I felt that writing this entry a bit too soon would somewhat 'jinx' the whole thing, but heck, I'm so excited! Through good timing and a stroke of luck I have successfully arranged to purchase a set of the ever famous TRX system for 1/3 the original price. Yup, it is a used item but a TRX is a TRX is a TRX whether it's second hand or brand new.

According to the owner it's hardly used so it's pretty much as good as new. I still think I had a good deal. Actually, the initial plan was to buy myself a set of resistance bands. After much scouring around, I couldn't find high quality bands locally and the good ones could only be bought online.

That was when a fellow fitness enthusiast put up an offer to sell his TRX. I jumped on the offer immediately. Hopefully I'll get my gym in a bag tomorrow (I wanted it today but the good man is not in KL, so I shall have to wait another 24 hours). Will definitely write a review of what suspension training entails.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some research on the many types of workouts I can do with the TRX. Can't hardly wait! And the best part is I could bring the equipment to Bali. Hahahahahha.... Ohhhh I am so happy!


Demsi Jake said...

HAhahahah this is a quick post ... I'll see you later ... :)

Rajan said...

Wow... interesting looking contraption. What exactly does it do... or rather, what can it do.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Jake: Thanks again for selling the TRX to me :)

Rajan: Just finished up my review when your comment came in. Check it out ;)