Saturday, January 9, 2010

Possible Project: Crossfit!

With me planning to terminate my gym membership soon and the constant (although newly acquired) hunger to try new things, I've put up a thread in the forum to discuss on possible new projects to undertake in this new year.

Among others, the members suggested a lot of interesting things from bootcamps, track and field sports, cave exploration and even ehem.... pole dancing. But what caught my attention was joining a Crossfit programme.

If you're wondering what Crossfit is, according to Wikipedia it is "a strength and conditioning fitness methodology."

Intrigued, I checked out some of the Crossfit training in YouTube and I've to say they're pretty brutal, in a fun yet masochistic kind of way. Check out the vid below for an example of a Crossfit training.

The good news is we have a Crossfit affiliate over here in Malaysia. They're called Pushmore. And the best part is, it's in the Klang Valley which means that I can definitely pay them a visit and give Crossfit a try. Pushmore conducts and introductory class for RM150. Pretty standard, I think. Hmm... I'm really considering this. Maybe I'll drop them a line and ask about the basic class after I come home from my holidays.

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Anonymous said...

do u think i can join you? hahaha, matilah kena buli.