Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weight Machines: No No

The more I think of it, the more I'm convinced that commercial gyms are not for those really looking to build a better body but as a place to socialize. It even acts like a pick-up joint sometimes. I go the clubs and bars for that.

For 1.5 years I have spent my time at the gym going on those elliptical machines, crunch machines, leg extension machines, preacher curl machines... you got the idea... and although I saw some improvement, I plateaued quite quickly and didn't see any significant gains in strength, let alone size after awhile.

In my quest to improve myself I bumped into DailyMuscle.com and later on I had a meeting with the good man behind the blog who mentioned something about bodyweight training. I didn't jump on the idea immediately but once I knew how effective it was, I didn't look back.
Weight machines aren't natural. I have often wondered how I could lift 40kilos using the Glutes machine but lunges and squats while holding a meer 5kilo dumbbell would make me whimper like a child.

The thing is weight machines work muscles in isolation instead of working the total body (which is more ideal, especially for beginners and intermediates). You don't get much functional strength if you workout with machines. Using bodyweight and free weights would make you stronger faster.

I will never let myself near any weight machines ever again. The free weights area is definitely my cup of tea.

P/S This little entry is purely based on experience. I can't back it up with research although I'm pretty sure there are a lot of studies out there that can support my claims.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. My advice is join classes on regular basis so that you won't slip up like what I could gather from your blog here.

I have been going to body pump, RPM and spinning classes.You may like body step etc. I don't like to sound like bragging but I have never been getting this good, fit toned & buffy since I started my workout & classes about 8 years ago.

Bila i rasa malas untuk workout I just join classes and go with the flow and before I realize that one hour class is over, I am like all sweating.

Cuba lah Join

Cauliflower guy.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hello Kobis Man (I know you call yourself Cauliflower guy, but Kobis Man sounds cuter to me).

Been frequenting the gym for two years but have never been remotely curious in joining one of those classes that you've mentioned.

I don't mean to brag, but I don't think I'd have a problem following the routines... it's just that I find the classes not interesting enough.

Give me a pair of boxing gloves and a trainer with focus mitts on, and I'll show you one heck of a workout.

But anyway, that's just me. I'm glad you find the classes fantastic. I guess it's a matter of different people, different tastes.