Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the Weather

Sigh. I'm feeling under the weather. Must be because I didn't complete my antibiotics course when I had a slight fever a few weeks ago. I've always hated taking my meds. Plus, it's been chilly these past few weeks and it doesn't help that I've to walk a fair bit in the cold morning air to get to the office (I usually arrive at work by 7.30am). Evenings are more tolerable although I'd be pretty much miserable walking in the rain with my feet getting soggy.

When you have a history of asthma, weather changes can affect you greatly.

I've been feeling a bit feverish all day. But the funny thing is I feel much better after having a meal. But then the feverish feeling starts again. Weird. Most probably I haven't had much of a rest. Weekdays are hectic with work and weekends are jam packed with activities galore.

The body is telling me to cut it some slack, I guess. So yeah. Tonight I won't be doing any workouts nor will I stay up late to just hang out with my friends. I will turn in early and hopefully, my body will be happy and won't act up again tomorrow.

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Rajan said...

Aizan: Everyone seems to be getting sick off late. So far, i have been lucky to not fall ill... hope it stays that way. :-)

As for working out, i was going to recommend taking a break, since your last few posts have been about feeling lazy, sounds like a classic case of overtraining... and the best cure.... taking a break for about one week.