Friday, January 15, 2010

Lazy Days updates

Hmm... interesting. Even though I did just a quick exercise yesterday, my muscles are all sore today. It seems that the short workout was enough to work my body thoroughly. And that is saying something because there was a time when I used to go through 60 to 90 minutes long workout sessions at the gym and hardly feel sore the next day.

Perhaps it's because I didn't do sufficient warmups or stretching but I doubt that that is the case. Maybe it is indeed true that you don't have to endure long workouts - especially when it comes to strength training - but you just need to do effective workouts instead.

What do you think?

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Homemadegymstuff said...

Could it be down to synovial fluid/ground substance and it's lower viscosity (maybe resulting from intercellular pressure caused by occlusion/ "the pump") after warming up, that allows it to shuttle lactic acid away more effectively?
Can I just have a quick rant about "warm-ups"
Warmups in real life situations rarely happen - I mean when was the last time you did 5mins running on the spot, before unloading the groceries from the car (man style: 3 or 4 bags in each hand)
Last summer I went to the Bro-Inlaw's. I was watching him warm-up on the deadlift; 180 was on the bar... "gis a go at that" I said, putting my bottle of Sol to one side. Got two singles. Felt great!
Where as the back end of last December I warmed-up in the DL "properly" and stalled at 172! In fact I only just broke contact with the floor! and my back ached for a few days after.
So I reckon, lifting wise, that if you have the belief that you can, you probably will; however if you think you can't then warm-up and fail at a lower weight.

Rant over - I'm of to bed...