Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Pet Project and an Update

The good thing about joining an online forum on fitness is that you find like-minded souls and from there you can learn all sorts of stuff and get a lot of ideas. Anyway, we were discussing about what are the many weird miconceptions people have about diet and exercise and my fellow forumers kept coming back about how women stay away from weight training lest they look like The Governator (that's Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you didn't know).

Calm down ladies. Unless you take performance enhancing drugs or undergo hormone therapy, the chances of you turning into a she-hulk is slim to none.

I always roll my eyes whenever I hear women say 'ewww...don't lift those dumbbells! You're gonna get bulky!" The thing is there's only a small chance you'd get bulky because let's face it ladies, you don't have the hormones to grow huge muscles like men. Even men find it hard to grow huge muscles.

Most probably you'll look like this Oscar winner right here if you incorporate weight training into your workouts. Now don't you think that's fab?

So on and on we were discussing about this particular topic and I joked that maybe I should make a pamphlet with an FAQ about women and weight training. And how weight training can help women lose fat. Hmm... seems like not a bad idea after all eh? I might venture into this pet project. But first...research! research! research!

On another note... I just finished my TT workout and I've used the TRX to do my bodyweight squats and jackknives. I love using the TRX for the bodyweight squats it helps me to maintain the correct posture and not 'cheat'. Doing jackknives with the TRX is a definite killer. Looks like my investment is paying off really well!


Rajan said...

The TRX does indeed look interesting. It was even featured in last night's Biggest Loser Asia.

As for some women and dumbbells... i am all to familiar with women and the national excuse of how easy it is to bulk up. Oh, another one is women should not go swimming... they will get broad shoulders.

KevL said...

Should use Eva Longaria as an example here. She works out with a trainer to keep her hot figure.

Danie D said...

Aiz, thanks alot for this post! I'm sick of ladies who need to get in shape using the phrase "I'm afraid of developing muscles" as an excuse not to workout and just starve themselves. Their excuse aside, they make muscle building seem like such an easy thing to do. I'll refer whoever says that again to this post of yours :D 100% agreed, even guys find it hard to develop muscles; It takes years of training and advanced knowledge of nutrition to actually add a significant amount of muscle!