Friday, January 29, 2010

Things Gyms aren't supposed to sell

What was the management of the gym thinking stocking their fridge with stacks of Coke? Previously they sold mineral water, soy milk and 100 plus which is pretty okay. But when I visited the gym last week it was brimming with Coke. And when I went there again yesterday, half of it was gone!

It means that the members are actually buying those soft drinks. I don't know about you, but I find this quite disturbing. The very place that represents a healthy lifestyle is selling something so unhealthy. And I bet you, it's those gym goers who spend aeons on the treadmill that buy the very thing that made them overweight in the first place.

Admittedly, I am guilty of chugging on soft drinks too. But the thing is, you don't actually expect a gym to sell those. It's exactly the case if the gym sells cigarettes. But hey, it's possible. Whatever churns the money, eh?

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Aesir Sports said...

Yeah well, the policy of marketing is to sell any goods to the customer he wants...thats reality. To be serious: many muscle houses and fitness gyms don't pay of too well just on a member fee.

Where ever there is a demand, soon there will be a supplier, too and if the guys and gals at your local gym prefer to buy and drink a coke, then it is okay. I mean, nobody pushes them into buying one after all, eh?

But when you talk about the right stuff at a gym...well, look at this picture. It made me smiling at least ;)