Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Targets

Happy new year! Ho... ho... ho... Wait. That doesn't sound right. Whatever, screw it. Here's to wishing that 2010 will bring us joy and happiness, and may we continue to enjoy good health, and stay injury free so we can workout as much as we can.

As the new year dawns (it's literally close to dawn as I write this... just got back from partying), most of us will make new year resolutions. I say screw those stupid resolutions. Most of the time we never get to it.

This year, like many years before I won't make resolutions. I'll just set a few targets. This Fitness Junkie Wannabe wants to:

  1. Setup her own home gym
  2. Take up a new hobby (e.g. martial arts, wall climbing, playing batu seremban....)
  3. Take a fitness-related course (if I can't take ACE, I wanna at least take a mini course at FIT Malaysia)
  4. Have a sexier body (I'm vain, sue me)
Yeah that's pretty much it. I'm not very ambitious. But at least my targets are definitely achievable. Perhaps I'll have a mid-year review.


HLiza said...

Yes, please do that..take the ACE course!

FatLouie said...

Aizan, I was thinking about doing the same as your No. 1 resolution too. I've been surveying Fitness Concept and their stuffs are really cheap, but of coz the quality wont be that good eh? A must-gym-item in my mind is the adjustable bench. I mean, look at Craig's workout! All you need is just dumbells and the bench. But 1 thing that has been bothering me is the space in my small-apartment. any suggestion as to how to arrange it? I don't have any spare rooms to convert it to gym. The only space is at the living room.......I dunno......what do you think? Where do you intend to set up ur home-gym?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hliza: I'll try. Time's not quite the issue. It's the cash, I'm afraid.

Louie: It's fab that you've decided on a home gym. I think we've been swindled by commercial gyms long enough.

An adjustable bench won't take a lot of space. I live alone, so having one in the living room won't matter to me. I think it'll become the most used piece of furniture at home :P

All my 'home gym' stuff is at the living room: dumbbells and stability ball (and later, the bench). My pull up bar is setup at the door of my study room-cum- ironing room and my TRX is setup at the door of my guest room.

Trust me, it doesn't take up much space.

And oh...I'm shopping around for a decent adjustable bench. If I find one I'll let you know. If you find a good bargain, please let me know as well ;)

FatLouie said...

ahh...u r lucky that u stay alone. :) i've rented out the smallest room to my cuz. Maybe I'll just try to fit a really mini home gym somewhere at the living room. I've just bought 2 big mirrors to put them at the living room. Guess now can workout while looking at the mirror. Ya. I'm vain too! hahah.... hm...found 1 adjustable bench fr Fitness Concept at only rm269, but that guy said it's wood, not like cushion thingy. Believe me, I have no idea what he meants by wood-material bench. There wasn't any sample at the store that time. If cushion-type bench, it'll cost about rm1k++. Can do decline, incline and horizontal. RM1k++ ... gotta save up lah. Do let me know if you find any cheap-but-quality bench ya? tx for the ideas! guess home-gym really won't take up much space, looking at how you do it :)