Monday, January 4, 2010

It is Here! Bwahahahahahhaha!!!!

The TRX bag for you to put your TRX in and bring it everywhere.

Thank you Jake for selling me the TRX (Jake's one heck of a tall guy, by the way)! All I can say is it is money well spent. Off the top of my head I could already think of several ways I can incorporate Turbulence Training with my handy TRX equipment (it's mine...MINE! Mwahahaha).

I only realized I forgot to take a pic of the TRX in its packgaging only AFTER I took it out. Talk about a Duh! moment....

Anyways, today's my 'off day' so I'm not doing any workouts. But I couldn't wait to try out the TRX so I set it up and did several moves based on the booklet that was enclosed. It still made me sweat. Probably because I made the workout tougher than what was shown in the booklet.

The workout booklet. Not much in it, only about 8 types of moves you can do with the TRX. There's a lot more you can do with it, though.

That's the biggest plus point for the TRX if you ask me. Shift your angle a little bit and your workout now becomes harder. The philosophy behind TRX is pretty much the same philosophy behind Turbulence Training: your body is your gym. Bodyweight exercises are indeed challenging AND gives you functional strength.

Other plus points of the TRX:

  1. It is very easy to setup and adjust. Even idiot me who has never been good with adjusting stuff can figure out the TRX in five minutes.

    One of the doors in my modest-sized apartment where I hooked up the TRX to.

  2. You really can workout anywhere. Hook it on the door, or a monkey bar or a tree branch and you're all set. Cool huh?
  3. Extremely portable. Heck, I can shove it in my handbag if I want to.
  4. You can do A LOT of exercise moves with it. Just check out the stuff in YouTube.
Not so good points about the TRX:
  1. It's bloody expensive. A brand new set costs around RM600.
  2. The guys who sell this stuff (Fitness Anywhere) seems to be trying to milk money out of customers as much as they can. E.g. The door anchor (which I think should come with the whole package) is sold seperately as an accessory. And it goes for USD25 (Almost RM100).
  3. Uhhh.... can't think of anything else.
That's it. My report on the TRX. I shall incorporate the TRX into my TT workout tomorrow and perhaps if I have not passed out out of sheer exhaustion I'll write a review on that as well. Oh one more thing. For those who are curious on how the TRX actually works, check out the vid below.


Demsi Jake said...

Glad you've enjoyed your TRX, I hope the condition of the item didn't disappoint you :D

Btw i believe you can youtube more moves from youtube comparing to the DVD and the workout guide. You can google image search for workout plans as well :D

Yes one thing i loved about the TRX is the immediate set up which can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Jake: The condition of the equipment is prestine! Hahaha.. it's kind of obvious you haven't used it much ;P

Thanks for the tip. I'll make sure I'll google for more moves using the TRX.

Demsi Jake said...

Do update me when you have try Insanity :D :D ....

amirahsyuhada said...

seriously damn cool, beb.

homemadegymstuff said...

Recycling is good - enjoy ya TRX!

dailymuscle said...

I'm so glad you got it!!
I need to use mine more - and yeah, the biceps curls are a killer!